Classy is a simple, streamlined way to pre-register.

Classy combines utility and design to make your pre-registration as straightforward as possible. With thousands of courses to choose from, degree requirements to satisfy, and academic thirsts to quench, pre-registration should be fluid: let Classy streamline your search and simplify how you select your primaries and alternates.

Classy divides the pre-registration process into three, simple color-coded steps: Browse, Visualize, and Schedule.

Combining the Georgetown Schedule of Classes with resources Georgetown Course Evaluations and Rate My Professor, Browse lets you efficiently discover your desired and required courses. You can save your favorite classes and Visualize how they shape your week. Classy's automated color coding system can help you construct the best list of primaries and alternates. When you're satisfied, Schedule will export the information you need to formally pre-register with MyAccess.

It's a companion tool, designed for use with MyAccess.

Classy will serve you best if you check essential degree requirements, consult your dean, and determine if you have any holds on your account. Some information, such as certain Course Evaluations, is available only through MyAccess, so be certain to click through from Classy to MyAccess when you're browsing classes.

Classy was developed by The Corp's IT+Marketing department.

Corp IT+Marketing is a joint department of technical whizzes and creative strategists. Together, the department developed the code, user experience, and design of Classy, hoping to help Georgetown students find a simpler way to pre-register. Learn more about Corp IT+Marketing.

This is Classy Beta.

And you're a beta-tester! All course data is accurate and your login information is secure. But there are more features Corp IT+Marketing is working to incorporate into future iterations, potentially even with Classy Beta. If you have any questions, suggestions, or at any point require assistance, please email!

Like what we built? Think you can improve on it?

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